Buy Local Season

Buy Local Season 2017 will be November 15-December 31! Make sure to get out and support your local businesses this season!


We would like to extend a huge thank you to Jenny Maj, creator of Fluffmonger, for designing our beautiful Buy Local Season graphic this year! We are thrilled to have Falafel the llama and his friends, Griswold and Baxter spreading the Buy Local message! You can learn more about Fluffmonger, download free coloring pages, and shop for eco-friendly, organic plush here

On November 15, City Council declares Buy Local Season!
 This is the time to push the support of buying local and bringing consumer dollars back into our local economy!
Please follow our Buy Local Season pages on Facebook and Instagram and share with your friends and customers!

Celebrate Buy Local Season by shopping at more than one locally owned, independent business!


Again, thank you Fluffmonger!