Triad Touring Tasters

TTT Express

TRIAD TOURING TASTERS - A New Way to Experience Food in the Triad!

Hop on the “Triple T” Express and let us transport you to Mary’s Gourmet Diner in Winston-Salem where Proprietor, Mary Haglund, and her amazing team will host a family-style brunch made from locally sourced ingredients! Triad Touring Tasters is heading for its next adventure on June 24, starting in Greensboro at Four Flocks and Larder for a "brunchtail", then traveling to brunch at Mary’s Gourmet Diner in Winston-Salem and returning to Greensboro. Ticket sales include "brunchtail" at Four Flocks and Larder, transportation, meal, coffee or tea and tip; additional beverages not included.

Bon Appetit!

 The bus for Triad Touring Tasters is powered by Matt Logan Inc.



Willow's Bistro and Zeto Wine - April 25, 2017

Triad Touring Tasters launched on April 25, originated at Zeto wine and cheese shop in Greensboro, traveled to Willow's Bistro in Winston-Salem for dinner and drinks, and returned to Zeto. We worked with Chef Travis Myers who curated a dinner for 14 so that each guest could experience a three-course meal with locally sourced ingredients. Tour participants learned about the local food scene and dined from a menu created just for them. 

A luxury bus provided by Matt Logan, LLC transports participants to and from the host restaurant. Registration will be required through Triad Local First. Ticket sales include transportation, meal, and one complimentary glass of wine; additional beverages and tip not included.

Our intention is to bring attention to our locally-owned restaurants and to bring the Triad together by providing a care-free trip for our tasters to discover another community’s restaurant scene.  All “tasters” will be treated to a fun ride to and from the participating businesses.

Please let us know if your business would like to host a Triple T Express event by contacting Mary Lacklen at