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Personal Care Inc.

It’s a scenario that we hear about all too often; a family scrambling to find the right home care for a loved one who has been discharged from a hospital or from a rehab facility. Or a parent or spouse who can no longer manage daily tasks like taking medication, bathing and grooming, and getting to doctors appointments.

Taking a closer look, we see families and caregivers who are trying to navigate the complex choices and mountains of information needed to make these decisions. Is there a way to manage this scenario without being overwhelmed by stress and confusion? We believe that there is a helpful and caring route to the best solutions… contact Personal Care, Inc. for guidance and answers.

Personal Care, Inc. is the kind of company that TLF loves to brag about: this locally owned company has been providing home health care to families in the Triad since 1998 and is an example of why you would choose local over a corporate franchise. Local, caring, and affordable, they embody their tag line “Home Care with a Heart.” They are recognized for their quality of care as well as their ethical business practices, winning the 2013 Better Business Bureau award for Marketplace Ethics. This is not some distant corporation. Its owners live right here in the Triad, so patients and families can easily reach them if there is a problem, or if they have a question.

Which brings us to Personal Care’s amazing team, led by Executive Director Wayne Abraham. “A good deal of my time is spent helping families navigate the process of getting home care for their loved one. Helping people to understand how the system works and what options they have is a regular part of the caring that we do. It’s not only the patient who needs help, it’s also the family caregivers. They need support and understanding too,” explains Wayne. He adds, “I could give you a long explanation about the difference between Medicare and Medicaid, or the ins and outs of paying for home care. And I could go through the intricacies of how we help you access your long term care insurance policy. But it’s simpler for you to just email me with your individual questions.” And we know that the team at Personal Care Inc. will take the time that is needed to get answers and results.

With the personal credo that “If it would not be good enough for my family member, then it isn’t good enough for yours either,” Wayne and the dedicated staff at Personal Care, Inc. meet with and talk to patients and family members to learn about their lives and their individual needs and challenges. “It’s my responsibility to make sure that the Certified Nurse Aide that we send to the homes is a good match.” Wayne Abraham and the team at Personal Care, Inc. take pride in helping clients find the perfect solutions to their individual needs. “Taking time to help your customers is what makes the difference in any business. We want to be sure that you get the care and attention that you need.”

Personal Care Inc. is located at 809 Green Valley Rd. in Greensboro. Email or call Wayne Abraham at, 336-274- 9200.



Yokeley Farms

For Chris and Sandy Yokeley, it's all about community. Whether it's the fellow farmers, friends, and mentors that have helped guide and teach them or the families and triad residents who have supported them by buying their beef, they are certain of one thing - they couldn't do it without their community.
Take the short 30 minute drive from downtown Greensboro or the quick 15 minute drive from the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market and as you pull into Yokeley Farms you will be greeted by a pasture full of beautiful Red Angus and Shorthorn cattle relaxing and enjoying a good life on a 16-acre piece of land in Wallburg. The unexpected journey for Yokeley Farms began 12 years ago when Chris and Sandy were asked to take care of Chris's father's cows for a long weekend. They were hooked. Soon after, they bought their own Red Angus and moved to the land and started to work on turning the farm into their business.

From the instant that you meet Chris and Sandy it becomes clear that they put a lot of heart and passion into their farm. They grow the corn and make the hay to feed their cattle and pride themselves on being sustainable and transparent about how the cows are fed, raised, treated, and finished. Yokeley Farms is a beautiful example of sustainability at its finest, even incorporating spent grain from Kernersville Brewing Company in the feed for their cattle.

Owning and maintaining a small business like Yokeley Farms is a full time commitment. Between maintaining the property, growing and harvesting food for the cattle, navigating unpredictable North Carolina drought patterns, and not to mention caring for their herd, Chris and Sandy have not had a vacation or any time off since they started their business in 2004. Sandy and Chris echo a sentiment that small businesses owners are often found saying, "we didn’t get into this to get rich, we did it because it's something that we truly love."

For the past five years, customers have been able to stop by and purchase their favorite cuts of beef directly from the Yokeley's. Like so many small businesses, Yokeley Farms relies heavily on word of mouth and referrals from their customers to continue to grow. With both excitement and relief, Chris and Sandy have seen a steady increase in sales and have recently begun to supply a couple of Triad restaurants with their locally raised beef.

What is driving the increase in interest for locally and ethically raised beef like theirs? Perhaps it’s the comfort of knowing and seeing exactly where, how, and who raised the cattle. Or maybe it’s the opportunity to visit the actual farm and know the farmers by name. It could even be the desire to support members of our own community in a meaningful way. As shoppers increasingly seek a "one stop shop", Chris and Sandy believe in the tradition of shopping from stores that are run by your neighbors - even if it means making an extra stop or two.

Yokeley Farms is recognizing a shift in the mindset of consumers. Locally raised beef is "not just something special, this is something that you can have at every meal," says Sandy. Transparency in their process and treatment of their animals, coupled with prices competitive with local grocers, has allowed Yokeley Farms to serve a growing segment of consumers interested in locally sourced and sustainably produced foods.

The next time that you are planning on adding beef to your weekly shopping list, consider making the short drive to Yokeley Farms in Wallburg, where "calm and happy cows do make a difference" in the quality and flavor of the meat. Chris and Sandy are excited to welcome you into their community.

How you can support Yokeley Farms or learn more:

Visit the farm to purchase beef, see the cows, or meet Chris and Sandy at 1111 Harvey Teague Road, Winston-Salem

Check out their website at or call Chris at (336) 345-7333

Visit them at the Reynolda Village Farmers Market on Friday mornings (


Running With Horses

It's really hard to find a good picture of Nick Loflin.

Full-time firefighter, business owner, husband and father of three young children, Nick Loflin keeps a busy schedule. “Owner of Running With Horses, LLC” is just one of the hats he wears. Running With Horses (RWH) creates unique events around the Triad that raise money for the non-profits that Loflin and his business team love. Each event aims to challenge participants to live by the Running With Horses Slogan: “Live Big. Do Good.”

Running With Horses’ Greensboro City Market is a recurring event that takes place on the third Thursday of every month, April through November.  Loflin’s team organizes the theme, live music, local vendors, great food and cold drinks each month and leads the onsite execution of the event. Triad Local FIrst has partnered with Running with Horses to bring Greensboro City Market to our community for the past three years.

During the December holidays, Running With Horses coordinates The Running of the Balls. Participants complete a 5K in Sunset Hills while enjoying the largest neighborhood light display in the United States. The proceeds go to benefit the Second Harvest Food Bank.

Another Running With Horses event, John’s Run 4 Kids, was created by Nick and Kristin Loflin’s nine year old son,  John. Young runners race through a pint sized obstacle course set up in kid-friendly places around downtown Greensboro. The race benefits Backpack Beginnings and Friends of Greensboro Parks and Recreation Foundation. Check out the Running With Horses website for even more action packed events (

In addition to supporting several non-profits, Running With Horses also promotes locally owned, independent businesses. Loflin sources from local suppliers whenever he can. He enjoys meeting people from the Triad community and finds doing business more meaningful when he sees firsthand the businesses that his resources can benefit. This commitment to supporting locally owned businesses has made Running With Horses an exemplary Triad Local First Member. And in fact, Triad Local First partners with the RWH team to plan, support, and execute Greensboro City Market. This partnership (along with DGI, The GSO Farmers Curb Market, The Railyard, and others) is now committed to ensuring that all of the vendors at each Greensboro City Market are locally owned, independent Triad businesses.

Keep track of some of Running With Horses Events through the Facebook pages of each event:

Greensboro City Market:

The Running of the Balls:


John’s Run 4 Kids:


At Gate City Butcher & Gourmet Market, you can count on finding that unique combination of customer service, convenience, and top notch quality. 

 As soon as you walk through the door, you will hear a warm hello from owners Chris and Lisa Ryan. They know how important it is to make their customers feel welcome in the store. Whether you are looking to cook up your own meal or to delve into the selection of house-made meals, you are sure to find something tasty.

Gate City Butcher started out as a franchise, and has now become an independent locally owned business. Having a loyal customer base helps them thrive as an indie small business. This support has grown over the years, strengthened by the fact that Chris and Lisa are both Greensboro born and raised. With a knack for customer service and a love for remembering the names of customers, the Ryans give their patrons a personal experience from the moment they walk in the door.

In addition to customer service, Gate City Butcher is known for the fact that it is the only local retail store that carries the highest quality USDA Certified Angus Prime. If beef isn’t your choice, the Shoppe also sells chicken, lamb, veal and special Loch Duart Salmon from Scotland. And if you are looking for time saving convenience, you will find a delicious assortment of pre-made meals prepared in- house by Lisa. Specialties include the tomato pie and the amazing pimento cheese.

“This business gave me an outlet to get involved with all kinds of different foods, to experiment with cooking and to pass that on to customers,” says Chris. 

Gate City Butcher also has a wide selection of wines not typically found in other stores. Did you ever see a wine listed on a restaurant menu that you could not find in a store? The Ryans make an effort to bring in distinctive and unique wines that you would not easily find elsewhere.

Take a trip up Elm Street and visit Gate City Butcher & Gourmet Market to pick up a steak and pair it with a great bottle of red wine. Park right out front and then find just about everything you need for dinner all in one convenient location. Introduce yourself to Chris and Lisa, and they'll soon know your name! 

Chris and Lisa

Gate City Butcher's Facebook:

Gate City Butcher's Website :

Location: 3606 N Elm St, Greensboro NC 27455

Phone: (336)-288-8900



WebRealSimple is a full service web company that defies the stereotypes.  Business owners John Upson and Zeus Ibarra, along with the WebRealSimple team, have made their priorities to be approachable, good communicators, and, for lack of a better adjective...nice! They understand that many people contact web companies for help without really knowing what it is they need to take their websites and marketing to the next level. 

WebRealSimple's services range from issues like small changes in design, to complicated matters like total rebranding. They offer assistance with social media, email, and e-commerce. They are able to show examples of "before and after" websites, as well as to report saving clients money on email marketing.

From their colorful office on the fourth floor of the Guilford Building in downtown Greensboro, the self-described workaholics have a bird's eye view of the constantly changing and evolving downtown of Greensboro.  How fitting for these entrepreneurs who believe in staying current and problem solving for their clients.  They advise their clients to do constant maintenance, to keep up with the reviews of their businesses, and to be innovative.

A quick check of WebRealSimple's own business website ( is the best way to see the wide range of clients that they have helped. From restaurants, to bakeries, horse farms, photographers, DJ's, boutiques, and manufacturing companies, they have assisted a a remarkable array of diverse business types and cultures.

If a client needs a new email delivery system, or a way to sell products online, or a totally revamped website, WebRealSimple can accommodate. "There is never a bad question," remarks John as he descibes the fact that the company will take clients' calls pretty much any time of day or night.

And Zeus wants clients to feel updated on the trends that can help them stay leaders in their fields. "Websites now must be mobile-friendly or Google will drop their ranking," Zeus explains.  This is a new, but very important development.

WebRealSimple's mission of "keeping the web simple" is a mission that resonates with clients who are just starting up, or want to drive traffic to their sites, or need to get results for their business.  Having WebRealSimple handle the web issues of a business can give a business owner the gift of time...time to run their business and focus on its success.


Shamrock Shredding


Shamrock Shredding is the only locally owned onsite secure document shredding company in Greensboro. Owner David Bray and manager Laura Forger have been in business since 2012, operating straight from the Shamrock truck (see photo) and the small office in David's home on West Cone Blvd.

Shamrock makes the shredding process easy. After a client gets a free estimate of the cost of their job, most jobs can be completed in a matter of minutes. Privacy and security are top priority, providing customers with an added "peace of mind" factor.

A quick check of customer testimonials on the Shamrock Shredding website ( shows  that customers already appreciate the value of Shamrock's secure, professional, fast service. In addition, Shamrock "gives back" to the Greensboro area by offering shredding fundraisers for charitable organizations like churches,  schools, and clubs. Shamrock Shredding also donates to the wounded Warrior Project. David Bray strongly believes in the importance of community.

David makes the point that locally owned businesses can serve other locals better and faster. He tries to  source his own purchases locally, like supplies for printing and uniforms. All of these efforts are interconnected, and Shamrock Shredding exemplifies the best of local, independent ownership.

The toughest part of starting Shamrock Shredding was securing start-up financing. The extreme difficulty of borrowing money now  and surviving the first year of business, is particularly hard for independently owned businesses. It is still a challenge to find marketing funds, so Shamrock is doing as much networking as possible. Word of mouth has been essential.

The good news is that Shamrock has been much busier this Spring than it was last year. And with Spring cleaning and the end of tax season, perhaps it's time for YOU to call David and Laura at Shamrock Shredding and schedule an appointment. They would love to hear from you!

Shamrock Shredding
1903 W. Cone Blvd.
Greensboro, NC 27408
Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:30-5:00
Saturdays by appointment
Closed Sunday


Beans Boro

beans boro

Beans Boro is a coffee shop on Horse Pen Creek Road that is owned and operated by Kernersville native, Kyle Burge. Kyle has always had a passion for coffee and began to pursue his dream in 2009 by roasting coffee in his basement. Perfecting his craft roasting techniques, he successfully opened Beans Boro in the Fall of 2011.

Unlike other coffee shops in the area, Beans Boro roasts all the coffee in-house and sources hand picked arabica beans from all around the world. In addition to this, Beans Boro get bagels, cookies and Gluten free cupcakes from Cheesecakes By Alex in downtown Greensboro and giant cupcakes from Cake & All Things Yummy in Kernersville. Don’t miss local purveyor of organic and fair trade tea, Vida Pour Tea, also available in his shop.

In the past 3 years of business, Beans Boro has built a loyal customer base by incorporating email newsletters, Twitter, Facebook, and radio advertisements into its marketing strategy. They also offer incentives for customers such as live music every Saturday, comedy night on Tuesdays, and a $15 travel mug that is refilled for only $1! Beans Boro is also an active part of the community by vending at City Market in downtown Greensboro, selling coffee beans to other area businesses, and offering coffee fundraisers to local organizations by selling his private label coffee and giving a generous portion of the sales to the groups.

Kyle and his staff of 2 are the true definition of keeping it local. He believes that the most important parts about being a local business are owner involvement, customer service, and being supportive of other local businesses. Above all, Kyle is hopeful for the future of the shop local movement and for economic prosperity in the Triad. He believes that locally owned businesses and even their local competitors can collaborate to beat out corporate chains by building innovation and educating customers on the importance of supporting the small businesses that make our community unique.

Expert Tips from Kyle for other business owners:

  • Plan for everything, then have a backup plan.
  • Offer great customer service
  • Get involved with Triad Local First

2604 A Horse Pen Creek Rd
Greensboro, NC 27410
Normal Business Hours:
Monday-Friday: 7am-9pm
Saturday: 8am-9pm
Sunday: 8am-8pm
Phone: (336) 285-6589

Please stop by Beans Boro and tell Kyle that you appreciate his commitment to keeping it local!